To keep our rates as reasonable as possible, we accept only cash or checks for payment (no credit cards).

For the health and safety of all our guests, proof of current vaccines and spay/ neuter (if over six months) is required at check-in.
We maintain a flea and parasite-free environment. If we find any parasites, there will be a $25 charge for treatment.
1 cat - $13 per day
2 cats, same condo - $11 per cat per day
2 cats, separate condos - $12 per cat per day

3 cats, with 2 sharing same condo - $31 per day for all 3

We endeavor to keep the environment peaceful and calm for all our guests. If two residents who share a condo need to be separated, we will charge accordingly.

Medication - $2 per administration

For boarding, pick-up and delivery within Clallum County - $15 per round trip, plus $.505 per mile

For local veterinarian or grooming, pick-up and delivery (20-mile limit) - $25, plus $.505 per mile round trip.

10% discount on stays longer than 30 days
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